We have spent many years (more than we would like to admit!) selling high quality frozen baking products to chefs.

But we were enthused by the increasing number of aspiring bakers who are willing to give baking a go at home, but may not have the time to do it from scratch. So using our experience to date, we started work on creating recipes and brought the idea to life, by coming up with the name Baking Agent. But the name, was no easy task, as we wanted to make sure that our brand name and logo gave away some idea of what we do. We hope we have succeed in this!

Our aim is to offer a home baking range that is convenient to use, but gives you the opportunity to personalise your own baking batches.

Nothing would give us greater pleasure then you taking all the pride of others thinking you made it from scratch!

If you are having a baking meltdown and need some assistance with our products, feel free to contact us at: help@bakingagent.co.uk